Work where ever you want. Sky (phoner) is no limit anymore with our worldwide connected telecom platform and makes it unbelievably easy to reach your customers wherever they are, from over 9,000 area codes across 60+ countries.

Good communication is the lifeline of modern businesses. Skyphoner believes that by giving customers a simple to use telecom application that is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device, they can not only improve communications within their business, but also organize communications across multiple technologies into one cloud service. 

Integration with the desktop, mobiles, calendars and much more come as standard with Skyphoner and enable users to work where and how they want.


ALL FEATURES COME AS STANDARD € 10 per user as monthly fee

  • Connecting multiple devises as mobile, desktop, tablet, or VOIP Phone.
  • Hunt groups, queing, pre-IVR and aftercall IVR, voicerecording and a lot of more.
  • Reporting and realtime dashboards.
  • Integration with Outlook, AFAS, Exact and standard Click to Call with all Desktop applications.
  • Pay as you go and no longtime commitment.
  • Price per user (with multiple devices) € 10 monthly and € 5 per connected phone number (for the most of the cities and countries)



Our telecom cloud service is powered by Xelion, Amazon AWS, and Voxbone. and registered by ACM under 943547 (Dutch Telecom authority)