Give your customers the feeling that your are nearby with a local mobile number. In more and more countries we offer mobile phone numbers (or in more then 8000 cities local numbers) that we easy connect to your existing mobile number so you customers can text and call you locally.

Or when you live in Spain with a UK mobile subscription you can add a Spanish mobile number on your account so your supermarkt or local supplier can call you on your local mobile number.

On this moment we offer mobile numbers in Spain, UK, Belgium, DenMark, Finland, France, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Ukraine.

We offer mobile numbers for EUR 99 ex VAT with a yearly subscripting including call forwarding for the first 200 minutes. So please sent me a email with the country you like to connect and your mobile number and I will make the connection for a 7 days trail.

or textme on +31611600970


AuthorRon Berg